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Tuesday, July 16, 2019
11:00am CST, Online Webinar
Level of Course: Intermediate / Advanced

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Mercy’s Journey to Excellence, and the Role of Financial, Operational, and Clinical Analytics

Learn how Mercy’s approach toward performance management and evolution is transforming the
organization and see and hear how they use financial, operational, and clinical data to inform their

In this webinar, discover how Mercy Health uses bench-marking data to identify real bottom
line operational savings Nancy Hoffman will share how the system discovered substantial savings
potential in unexpected places like shipping and delivers Mercy also used analytics to evaluate their
sepsis cases so they could make internal comparisons at the physician level and examine drug
utilization, undertake a care path revamp, and look at opportunities compared to their peers. 

Presented by:

John Gragg, Chief Operating Officer, EPSi

Nancy Hoffman, Executive Director- Financial Operations Analytics, Mercy Health

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